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Through a mechanism of consultations in JEPA’s advisory committees, we bring the concerns and proposals of our members forward to the Government and make sure things get done. Members are encouraged to participate in these committees and bring forward their views, concerns and new ideas for the sector. 

For example, with the recent emergency caused by the storms in the Jordan valley, JEPA was the first to link up with the Government and negotiate multiple support actions for our sector.  We are proud to do this work with professionalism, leadership, energy, confidence, vision and entrepreneurship.


  • JEPA influenced the improvement of handling and storage at Queen Alia International airport. Thanks to JEPA we now have a cold storage facility for export produce.
  • When the Dragon storm hit many farms in March 2020, Jepa convinced the Government that all affected farmers be compensated from the Agricultural Emergency fund and that access to this fund is extended to all natural disasters.
  • Successful lobby to stop imports of produce when local production is abundant (for example onions).
  • JEPA´S rapid emergency response to the COVID-19 crisis included the issuing of permits for all farmers to pursue their work during lockdown.

Your Advocacy Benefits

Your voice and concerns directly heard and transmitted to the Government through JEPA

Possibility to directly influence the sector's future by actively participating in JEPA's Advocacy committees and platforms

JEPA has worked tirelessly during the past ten years to support the agricultural sector in Jordan. For us, JEPA has shortened many important stages in the business development and marketing areas. I always feel that JEPA is the right firm party for farmers and traders that proactively deals with their observations, and helps them to overcome the difficulties that they face in this challenging sector.

Iyad Abu Awad

General Manager, Good Food Mood

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