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What crop variations are currently in demand? What price changes are expected in the near future? Where are my next possibilities for exports? Which new requirements are set for by my foreign or national buyers for my produce? What are the newest trends for packaging and labelling? Preparing decisions for the next steps in your business requires up to date, relevant market information.



JEPA members have now direct access to our new Knowledge Centre, which contains various documents.  For example, JEPA and CBI just completed a study on the Indonesian market for fresh products. This study highlights the business opportunities, product requirements and important cultural aspects regarding this vast new market for Jordan. In our Knowledge Centre, you can also find the new manual on reducing food-loss along the value chain we elaborated with the FAO.

During the past year, JEPA organized in cooperation with its partners several webinars regarding market trends. Recordings of these webinars are also available in the Knowledge Centre. JEPA publishes the most important sector information on its website and social media in order to keep you up to date.

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When a member of JEPA wants to export their goods, JEPA makes sure to help them with extensive market information to help them identify their target market and where their products can be competitive. JEPA has more than 27 years of experience in this field, they know many buyers and attend many trade fairs.

Zuhair Jweihan

Owner, Zuhair Jweihan Farms

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