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Jordan’s agricultural sector in a nutshell




Jordan’s agriculture sector is one of the Kingdom’s most flourishing sectors which has multiplied its contribution to Jordan’s national GDP from 2.0% to 5.5 % in the past five years.

In Jordan, 9 million acres are considered suitable for agribusiness. Currently, less than 3 million acres are in use. This implies that there is much more room for expansion and investments within the Jordanian agricultural business.

With its advanced production technology, varieties of produce, its micro-climates, new irrigation technologies and available arable land, investment opportunities are abundant.


The Jordan Valley is located 400m below sea level and has a unique climate. It is several degrees warmer than the surrounding areas and has one of the most fertile agricultural lands in the entire region. It forms the basket of Jordan’s vegetables. Because winters are warm and summers are very hot, it is suitable for many vegetables, fruits, and many other trees, including even banana plantations.

The Jordan Valley allows us to say that “we produce when nobody else can”.


The total territory planted in the Kingdom in 2020 was about 2.38 million acres of land, establishing 2.7 percent of the total area of the Kingdom. The most common commodities produced in Jordan were:


The geographical uniqueness of Jordan is a key element to our success in agricultural production; Jordan can provide a variety of fruits and vegetables all year round, which makes us very competitive. Our highlands and valleys ensure that we produce and export 12 months a year and that our produce has a high quality in terms of taste and appearance

Ayman Al Salti

Assistant Secretary-General for Projects, Development and International Cooperation, Ministry of Agriculture

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