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At JEPA, we maintain excellent relationships and daily contact with all governmental entities in order to improve the environment for our sector.  We work hand-in-hand with the Government especially with the Ministry of Agriculture, which considers JEPA as its main representative from the private sector. Below is a selected list of important polices and regulations.

You can obtain these documents at the Ministry of Agriculture website or contact JEPA for further details.

  • 2015 Agriculture Law No. 13
  • 2015 Amedment on Agricultural Law
  • 2015 Law No. (42) Law amending the Law of the Agricultural Risk Management Fund
  • 2015 Law No. (50) Law amending the Agriculture Law
  • 2020 Law No. (2) Law amending the Agriculture Law
  • 2016 The decision to identify perennial or rare trees and wild plants that are threatened with extinction and ban their cutting
  • 2019 Agricultural services allowance decision
  • 2016 A modified system for the registration system for new plant varieties
  • 2016 Frost affected farmers compensation system
  • 2016 Management System for Agricultural Risk Management Fund Affairs
  • 2016 Regulation No. (133) Organic Agriculture Law
  • 2016 Regulation No. (169) Regulation of Wholesale Markets for Horticultural Products of the Greater Amman Municipality
  • 2016 Wholesale market system for vegetables and fruits
  • 2015 International Agreement on Olive Oil and Table Olives
  • 2016 Instructions for controlling pesticide residues in fresh vegetables and fruits
  • 2016 Instructions for destroying fresh vegetables and fruits not suitable for marketing in wholesale markets for vegetables and fruits
  • 2016 Instructions for importing, exporting, and trading of seeds for agricultural crops
  • 2016 Instructions for licensing centers for grading and packing fresh vegetables and fruits
  • 2016 Instructions for quality control of fresh vegetables and fruits
  • 2016 Instructions for removing and moving olive fruit trees from rare or perennial varieties
  • 2016 Instructions for the conditions and principles that must be met for the exploitation of neighboring forests and wooded lands
  • 2016 Plant quarantine instructions
  • 2016 Refrigerated transport instructions for fresh agricultural products
  • 2016 The instructions amending the instructions of the new plant variety protection committee
  • 2017 Instructions for licensing specialized non-cooperative agricultural societies
  • 2017 Instructions for organic farming
  • 2017 Measures recommended by the Plant Health Commission
  • 2019 Instructions for organizing government bidding procedures for the year

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