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Looking for external support to improve your company? There is nowadays a multitude of projects to support the agricultural sector in Jordan. However, reliable information about these projects and the opportunities they present for you as an individual company are not always clear and available. For this reason, JEPA has developed a database with all relevant and current technical assistance in Jordan, and we are happy to help you find the right support. Our vast network with international and national donor cooperation ensures that we continue to be well informed and connected to the newest developments regarding technical assistance for the sector. For example, with the Dutch CBI , JEPA has secured an Export Coaching Program for around 40 selected Jordanian companies, assisting them to conquer new export markets over a period of 4 years.

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Thanks to JEPA, I learnt about this excellent program, which enabled me to start business in Germany; their immense efforts supported me to obtain the British Retail Consortium, which advanced my business

Salem E. Nino

Managing Director, Jordan River Dates

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