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New member? Enjoy our red carpet service!

For all new members, JEPA rolls out the red carpet. This means that we take care of your concerns at a personal level, we connect you with the right expertise and help you with paperwork and red tape. We make you feel at home.

Expanding your business through marketing and promotion.

As a member of JEPA, you can access JEPA´s vast networks and tools that help you find your next clients. With our expertise and partners in various markets around the world, we help you  identify your target groups markets and facilitate your introduction to your next business partners in these markets.

JEPA´s Jordan Excellence Platform – JEP

The new online promotion tool represents your company as one of Jordan´s best to carefully identify new international business contacts.

Keeping up-to-date with market trends and developments:

Free Access to our Knowledge Centre

As a JEPA member, you have direct and unlimited access to our Knowledge Centre, with its up-to-date market studies and other relevant information material that help you to improve your business.

Daily sector news in your social media

In addition, JEPA provides you with daily relevant news about the sector, both in Jordan and abroad through its social media service. Follow us to stay connected!

Tailored research

At JEPA, we dispose of a vast national and international network of expertise regarding market research. As a member of our association, you can access this expertise network and make it work exclusively for you at competitive prices.

Opening doors with the government

JEPA has strong connections with the government and is always up to date with all related governmental changes when it comes to policies and regulations. We work hand in hand with the government for the best interest of the agricultural sector.

Being a member of JEPA means that your concerns are being taken care of. It also means that through our services, you are able to influence important decisions, which affect the entire sector.

Receive personalized guidance for Technical Assistance through internationally funded projects

Being a member of JEPA, we guide you towards the right donor projects for technical assistance. Our association is a main counterpart for many international donors active in the Jordanian Agricultural sector. We put this network to use for you and introduce you to the possibilities these initiatives offer.

Professional and friendly staff

At JEPA, we know how to value our members. Our professional management and staff are ready to welcome you. We make it our goal to find quality solutions to your every need in a professional, entrepreneurial and efficient visionary manner.

As a new member of JEPA, I find it really exciting to start exploring a new world where I am led to grow my business and enjoy collaborations with other members. I look forward to learning and establishing new connections with the help of JEPA as I have seen others do.

Nayef Al Tal

General Manager, Jana Farms, Jordan

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