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At JEPA, you find all services and information that will guide and help you advance in your agriculture business in Jordan. We have a well-trained and friendly team of professionals ready to receive your inquiries and provide you with optimal services.


  • Our professional team of experts will support you with the following:
        • Promoting your products and finding partners 
        • Providing you with valuable market information 
        • Connecting you to relevant technical assistance 
        • On behalf of the sector, we advocate and maintain excellent relations with the Jordanian Government, ensuring that your views and concerns are taken into account.
        • For our international clients and our new members, we have our red-carpet service, giving you a head start when doing business in Jordan.

With the support of initiatives lead by JEPA, we were able to represent Jordan and our industry in the best image possible, propelling our business to new markets and ever expanding possibilities.

Abdulla Abu Ayyash

COO, Abu Ayyash Dates Farm

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