Red Carpet Services


JEPA rolls out the red carpet for you as a new member of our association



Do you need a helping hand with selling your products under these challenging circumstances? Do you need to share your obstacles and have us jointly find solutions? We at JEPA help you to better manage your business and assist you in the smallest details to ensure your success in Jordan and abroad!


Let us deal with everything for you from A-Z, making you feel this association is your home and get inspired through our sector leadership. Together we can help you advance in your business.

Here are some ways in which we can help you:

  • Organise and obtain necessary paperwork with the Government
  • Provide training in various fields
  • Connect you with our network of experts who can further find solutions for your specific challenges
  • Facilitate your connection with the government
  • Help you take part in international trade fairs
  • Connect you with importers from all over the world

Your Red Carpet Services Benefits

Tailored assistance to your every need

Professional and friendly staff

Direct access to JEPA's business network

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of satisfied members in the past 2 years

The service received from JEPA is excellent especially when it came to dealing with The Ministry of Agriculture and all information regarding the various departments I needed to visit in order to get my project going in Jordan. JEPA is very assistive and friendly and I am very happy with this experience. They assisted me in finding new markets for my products and made me better understand how I will be able to sell my products through various distribution channels.

Sharif Hajjar

Owner, Greener Farms

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