Promoting cross-border organic ecosystem

The second meeting of the group of experts in organic agriculture took place at the Jordan Exporters and Producers Association for Fruit and Vegetables (JEPA) on Tuesday 6/7/2021, The Ministry of Agriculture and the JEPA assigned those experts to implement some of the project’s activities during the project’s work period.

At the meeting, it was emphasized the need for experts to register on the project’s platform and experience of entering and dealing with the platform. The platform is going to be launched in a later stage for all operators, workers and those interested in organic agriculture.

The experts also discussed the methodology that must be followed in issuing the organic farming sector guide by defining the topics and content of the guide. In the meeting it was stressed the importance of issuing the guide to be user friendly so that everyone can use it and benefit from its contents.

To accomplish the above-mentioned task in a good manner, the expert team were divided into working groups specialized in all topics of organic agriculture, such as:

  • Organic farming techniques,
  • Economics of organic farming,
  • Regulatory legislation,
  • Procedures for the transformation of organic agriculture.

In addition to the expert team, the technical team supervising the project from the Ministry of Agriculture and JEPA attended the meeting.