PUM Technical Assistance

We are here to help upgrade the skills of companies’ staff, develop companies’ products and services and increase the companies’ competitiveness.

Are you a small/medium scaled farmer in Jordan? Are you struggling in advancing your company’s and employees skills? Do you need technical assistance? If you do, PUM Technical Assistance Project offers you good opportunities.

Partners & Donors

This project is implemented by PUM:

PUM is a non-profit organisation established in in 1978 by the Dutch employers’ federation VNO-NCW, with financial support from the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Since 1978, they have assisted over 40,000 organisations worldwide.

Summary of Project Benefits

At the end of the project, benefits will be:

  • Upgrade the skills of companies’ staff.
  • Develop companies’ products and services.
  • Increase the company’s competitiveness.

Project Duration

The program started in 2002 and runs until now.

Project Details

PUM connects you to an expert who will give you the advice you need for your company to grow. Our expert will visit you and share practical recommendations to strengthen your business. You will then stay in touch with the expert so you can continue to grow using his or her expertise.

Your Benefits

Improve your company´s performance with hosting an international expert for a couple of weeks on your most pressing problems.

Your Commitment


  • An expert will work with the applicant and leaves practical recommendations for follow up.
  • The applicant will bear local costs (accommodations, internal transportation, meals) will be the responsibility of the Jordanian Company.
  • At this moment, PUM adopted Remote Coaching program, which does not require any kind of costs from the applicants.

Who can apply?

This program is available for both members and non-members.

Interested to apply?

To apply for PUM technical assistance, kindly contact PUM Local Representative / Mr. Ayman M.Qaffaf

T +962 6 5667447

F + 962 6 5660988

M +962 07 6966798

E: info@jeba.org.jo 

Need more information? Contact JEPA!

Jordan Exporters and producers association for fruit and vegetables (JEPA)

Tel: (+9626) 5699631

Email: jepa@jepa.org.jo