OKP - Solar Desalination for Sustainable Brackish Water Management in Jordan for Agriculture and Drinking Water (SoDeS)


Partners & Donors

Partners: IHE Delft, Hashamite University and Water Authority Jordan

Donor : Orange Knowledge Programme (OKP)

Summary of Project Benefits

  • Expanding the use of renewable energy in desalination of brackish groundwater for agriculture and drinking water.
  • Training the WAJ and JVA staffs in following topics:
    • Use of renewable energy in desalination of brackish groundwater.
    • Design and operation of brackish groundwater desalination including brine management strategies
    • Water reuse for agriculture
    • Groundwater quality monitoring and artificial recharge
    • Water governance and management
    • Conduct a policy dialogue with stakeholders on use of renewable energy driven brackish desalination in Jordan research

Project Duration

1 January 2020 – 31 December 2021

Project Details


The project aimed for 5 tailor made trainings (TMT+):

1. Water quality and quantity
2. Membrane desaliantion
3. Renewable energy (solar) for deslination
4. Water Management and Governance
5. Policy dialogue

Your Benefits

Project aimed to qualify individuals and communities as a whole towards a sound concept of energy production from clean and environmentally friendly sources, including solar energy, to drive desalination plants. Taking into account not only public information campaigns and promotion of solar energy technology, but also training and technical education through training programs and workshops.

Your Commitment


Who can apply?

Staffs from WAJ can apply for the training courses

Interested to apply?

Jordan Exporters and producers association for fruit and vegetables (JEPA) Tel: (+9626) 5699631 Email: jepa@jepa.org.jo

“This project deserves a medal. Not only has it opened my eyes how to bring my company up to international standards, it also helped me to find new partners securing long term business contracts.”

 – Mohammad Abu Sido, CEO of Mohammad Abu Sido Farms