Rural Economic Growth and Employment Project (REGEP)

“We are here to help address poverty, vulnerability and unemployment in rural areas of Jordan”

Are you smallholders, rural entrepreneurs or are you looking for a job in rural areas? If yes, IFAD’s Rural Economic Growth and Employment Project (REGEP) offers you good opportunities.

Partners & Donors

This project is implemented by IFAD

JEDCO implements the project and its components through a group of partners according to the agreements signed with them. These partners, and the services they provide, are as follows:

National Agricultural Research Center (NARC): Provides Farmer Field Schools (FFS) services for high-value crops, with the aim of improving good agricultural practices and encouraging the adoption of modern technologies. In addition, seeks to qualify farmers for ‘good agricultural practices’ (GAP) certificates.

Jordan Standards and Meteorology Organization (JSMO): Provides awareness training for farmers and exporters regarding Global GAP certificate requirements. Also performs the inspections required for granting Global GAP certificates to farmers, farmers’ associations, processors and exporters.

Jordan Exporters and Producers Association for Fruit and Vegetables (JEPA): Establishes contract-farming linkages between small farmers and large producers, retailers, suppliers, and exporters. Also participates in the implementation of market studies, training courses, workshops, study tours and trade fairs.

Non-governmental organization (NGO): Development and Support of Saving and Credit  Groups and Associations and Business Mentoring and Marketing and Specific Training for Farmer Groups / Associations.

Central Bank of Jordan (CBJ): Responsible for implementing the rural finance component. Does this through the micro-, small- and medium-sized financial institutions slated to provide lending services to the target groups.

Summary of Project Benefits

The project will directly address key priorities, which appear in all relevant government strategies including:

  •  Improving access to finance in rural areas
  • Integrating smallholder farmers in value chains and improving value chain efficiency and organization
  • Increasing exports of high quality fruit and vegetables
  • Creating employment opportunities in rural areas

Project Duration

The program started in 2016 and runs until 2021

Project Details

REGEP is an agricultural development project funded by the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD). REGEP came into being after financing agreement related to the six-year between the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan represented by the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation (MOPIC) and the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) entered into force on 25 March 2015, with an original completion date set on 31 March 2021. An Additional Financing (AF) Agreement, combined with a three-year extension, entered into force in September 2020.

The Jordan Enterprise Development Corporation (JEDCO) manages the project through the Rural Economic Growth and Employment Project unit, which was established to manage and monitor the implementation of the project’s activities, as well as progress and achievements.

The project’s objectives:

Improving access to finance in rural areas by building technical and competitive capacities among small farmers and small- and medium-sized agricultural companies, Integration of smallholder farmers into value chains, creation of employment opportunities in rural areas for women and youth, contributing to economic growth and increasing incomes, increasing agricultural exports of fruit and vegetables.

Target governorates:

Ajloun, Jarash, Al Balqa, Madaba, Al Mafraq, Irbid, Zarqa, Karak, Tafilah and Ma’an.

Your Benefits

In the first part of the project:

  • Technical support to farmers to reach promising markets, as well as improve the quality of product specifications according to the requirements of global and local markets
  • Assistance with the creation of local cooperation and building associations to reduce marketing costs
  • Help with improving the quality of products by:
    (a) Overcoming major obstacles in pre- and post-harvest, and
    (b) Providing national and international market access.

In the second component of the project:

Assistance with access to finance, in cooperation with the Development and Employment Fund and micro-finance institutions under the supervision of the Jordan Enterprise Development Corporation.

Your Commitment

The project will target

– Jordanian or Syrian refugees.

– Rural households working in the agricultural sector with no stable income source and no employed or economically active family members (included Syrian refugees).

– Rural households with employed earners but insufficient income.

– Small producing farmers of vegetables and fruits.

– Small and medium-sized agricultural companies.

Who can apply?

  • Smallholders
  • Rural entrepreneurs
  • Unemployed in rural areas

Interested to learn more? 

Contact :  Jordan Exporters and producers association for fruit and vegetables (JEPA)

Tel: (+9626) 5699631


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