CBI Export Development and Promotion of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables from Jordan

We help you to get ready for exports and find new market opportunities.

Do you have a Fresh Fruits & Vegetables business in Jordan? Are you interested in exporting to different international markets? If you are, CBI’s Fresh Fruits & Vegetables Jordan project offers you good opportunities:

  • Find out which opportunities there are for your company on the European, the Russian, the Gulf and the Southeast Asian markets;
  • Learn more about requirements, legislation and certification;
  • Learn everything you need to  know to be a successful exporter;
  • Get support and assistance from our sector expert and the network of buyers;
  • Exhibit at a leading international trade fairs”

Partners & Donors

This project is implemented by the CBI- the Centre for the Promotion of Imports. CBI was created in 1971 by the Dutch Government and currently operates programmes in 35 countries and 14 sectors with over 300 international experts. Detailed information about CBI can be found at www.cbi.eu. CBI closely collaborates with JEPA in this project, which facilitates many activities and co-organises the international trade fair participation (Fruit Logistica). The Jordanian Ministry of Agriculture is also an important project partner, facilitating data and contacts.

Summary of Project Benefits

  • Your export goals realized through intensive one-on-one support (coaching, training)
  • Export business developed, with international buyers´network (market entry through trade fairs, market testing, online marketing)
  • Your company up to international standards (meeting the relevant market access requirements)

Project Duration

The programme started in 2018 and runs until 2022. Companies can still apply.

Project Details

The goal of the project is to help Jordan’s horticulture sector do more business on international markets. The sector offers a lot of different products with good opportunities for export to Europe, Russia, Southeast Asia and the Gulf, for example dates, fresh herbs, strawberries, stone fruits, and high-end vegetables. Following a thorough screening of applicants, the selected companies will, supported by the international export coach to develop a 3-5 year Export Marketing Plan (EMP). This plan contains the export goals and steps for improvement to be realized by each company. During the implementation, the company and export coach will use this EMP as guiding document for achieving exports. The participant receives, in addition to the individual coaching, all training and technical assistance necessary to become a successful exporter. In cooperation with JEPA, the participant will join the main international trade fairs, undertake market explorations and develop on-line marketing tools.

Your Benefits

During the four-year company coaching, participants learn to get ready to export and to be able to create a new network of buyers. Specific benefits for the participant:
  • 4 year company coaching by different international and local sector specialists provided by CBI.
  • Trainings on business development and export capacity building
  • Assistance with an international and European Market Entry Strategy/Product Market Combination Strategy
  • Assistance with suitable certifications and coaching to obtain these
  • Assistance with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) awareness and implementation
  • Participation in different international trade fairs
  • An Export Marketing Mission to the European market
  • Market Testing activities
  • Training on Market Consolidation after the trade fairs and export marketing mission

Your Commitment

Participation requires the following commitments from your side:
  • Ambition and motivation to take the next step with your company
  • Willingness and ability to invest in your company and in international market entry, both in terms of staff allocation and in necessary adaptations of your products, production and export marketing. For example, this includes costs of trade fair participation which are not covered by CBI and its partners such as traveling, lodging and sending samples. More detailed estimation of investments required will be discussed with the company during the company assessment/selection phase since this is company specific.
  • Personal commitment to the activities and external coaching for 4 years
  • Commitment and sufficient time investment to the tailor made action plan for your company
  • A pro-active and flexible attitude

Who can apply?

Eligible products: all types of Fresh Fruits, Fresh Vegetables & Dates You can apply for this programme if your company meets all these requirements:
  • At least 51% locally owned
  • 25 to 500 employees
  • No joint venture with a company based in a country with a classification of UMIC or higher
  • Compliance or the willingness to comply with EU market requirements
  • No licensing commitments that prohibit or limit export possibilities of products to the EU
  • Competitive prices and sufficient production capacity
  • Management which is able to communicate in English
  • Willingness and capacity to invest in adaptations of, for instance, product assortment and production processes, if and as required by the European Market

Interested to apply?

Jordan Exporters and producers association for fruit and vegetables (JEPA) Tel: (+9626) 5699631 Email: jepa@jepa.org.jo

“This project deserves a medal. Not only has it opened my eyes how to bring my company up to international standards, it also helped me to find new partners securing long term business contracts.”

 – Mohammad Abu Sido, CEO of Mohammad Abu Sido Farms