Creating Attractive Opportunities for Livelihood of Youth in Agriculture (COOL-YA)

“Providing opportunities for youth in the agricultural sector through a series of financial and administrative trainings to set up their own projects”

Are you an entrepreneurs in the agricultural chain in Jordan? If yes, FCA  offers you good opportunities to create your own projects or expand your existing projects.

Partners & Donors

This project is funded by Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Jordan

Implemented by Finn Church Aid (FCA) which is the largest Finnish cooperation organization and the second largest provider of humanitarian aid. FCA works with many countries in need, and provides assistance to people to provide them with a source of income. FCA also works alongside Jordan Agricultural Engineers Association (JAEA).




Summary of Project Benefits

The project is seeking to attract more youth to the agriculture sector by making it more appealing and interesting for the young people through bringing elements that excite young people – technology, innovation, entrepreneurship, startups, IT and mentorship. The project will investigate ways on how young people can be involved in agro business and bring in new blood to this very traditional sector, which is considered less prestigious for young people. To tackle these issues the project will support young farmers and cooperatives with infrastructure and equipment as well as with training (including TVET, entrepreneurship, foundational skills, new pre and post-harvest techniques etc.) and hands-on technical support. The project will support cooperatives and agro businesses in order to increase their productivity and create new job opportunities for youth. The project pays special attention to innovation and integrating technology and IT solutions through supporting innovative thinking among students, supporting IT startups, as well as running an online platform that supports direct connection/sales between farmers and consumers. Given extremely low participation of women in the agricultural sector and poor working conditions the project will systematically work on reducing barriers for women to join the sector; at the same time, seek to promote a decent job agenda in agriculture to improve working conditions and ensure rights of the workers. The project will be targeting three areas in Jordan: Irbid and Mafraq governorates, and North and Middle of Jordan Valley

Project Duration

The program duration is 36 Months (2022-2024)

Project Details

  • Expand the demand for new workforce in agriculture by improving pre- and post-harvest practices and infrastructure at farms.
  • Provision of a series of technical innovative post-harvest and business training for young human capital in agriculture.
  • Support innovative applied research and solutions from university students which addresses the local challenges in agriculture sector through the Dutch Youth Innovation Award (DYIA).
  • Provision of seed capital to establish or expand youth MSEs at Agriculture sector which is expected to lead to creation of further job opportunities for the local communities.
  • Introduce or strengthen the linkages and matching platforms/ channels between skillful youth and private sector with employment opportunities in post-harvest/ agriculture sector.
  • Enhance learnings and knowledge sharing with the horticulture community in Jordan. The project is planned to achieve the following targets:1750 farmers and youth (male /female) will assist to develop.

Your Benefits

  • Post-Harvest technical training for semi and non-skilled youth.
  • Participate in DIYA to win grants and start own business.
  • Expand startup companies working in Agriculture sector with seed funds up to 20,000 JOD each.
  • Entrepreneurship training for candidates who have business ideas/ established ideas in Agriculture sector.
  • Grants and coaching for qualified candidates who completed the entrepreneurship training.
  • Post-harvest training for farmers on innovative techniques, equipment and tools.
  • Grants of tools and equipment to qualified farmers and cooperatives.
  • Internships for Agriculture Engineers who received post-harvest training for semi-skilled category.
  • On the job training for labor who received post-harvest training for unskilled category.
  • Two job fairs to match trained candidates with private sector.
  • Business Development services for grant receivers under Entrepreneurship for business expansion and job creation purposes.

Your Commitment

No commitment is required prior to joining COOl-YA program.

Who can apply?

  • Farmers and cooperatives staff.
  • Micro and small enterprise entrepreneurs.
  • Post-Harvest semi-skilled and non-skilled youth.
  • Youth motivated to participate in designing and monitoring activities/ initiatives.
  • University students who have applied research in Agriculture applications and best practices.
  • Agriculture school students aged between 16-18.


Interested to learn more? 

Contact :  Jordan Exporters and producers association for fruit and vegetables (JEPA)

Tel: (+9626) 5699631