So….what are you waiting for?

In last month’s blog, I wrote that mangers often say to me “Dana, we don’t have time for responsible business practice (RBP)”. Another common comment is, “We’ll start when……..” and then follows a list of things they’re waiting for – for example:

  • when the market demands it
  • when we’re making more profit
  • when government regulates
  • when others do it too
  • when we have better production
  • when things calm down and our circumstances improve

Let’s take a closer look at a few of these.

Waiting for market demands, could mean a missed opportunity and increased costs – reacting to demands separately is time-consuming and inefficient. On the other hand, having a management system already set-up, which enables you to meet market demands quickly and more easily adapt to changing demands – whether it’s the EU’s Green Deal, private labels/certifications or anything else – ensures no missed opportunities and reduces cost. In addition, when you’re already working in a way which pays equal attention to social and environmental impact, as it does to making money, you can use it in your storytelling – effecting product positioning, influencing buyers perception.     

The “when we’re making more profit” comment usually indicates that the speaker still thinks of RBP as “doing good” or “giving back to the community”. Although such ideals are certainly commendable, RBP is, first and foremost, about how you make your money rather than how you spend your money. In other words, the focus is on the way the company works – consistently considering the effect of choices made, decisions taken.

And then there’s the “when things calm down…” comment. In my experience, that never happens – there’s always something going on, some challenge that requires your attention. That’s simply the way life is – life is dynamic, it happens and doesn’t stand still and wait – neither should you!

So, when will you start?

As Simon Sinek puts it:

“The hardest part is starting. Get that out of the way and the journey is much easier.”