EurepGAP started in 1997 as an initiative of retailers belonging to the Euro-Retailer Produce Working Group (EUREP). It has subsequently evolved into an equal partnership of agricultural producers and their retail customers. Our Mission is to develop widely accepted standards and procedures for the global certification of Good Agricultural Practices (GAP). 

By adhering to good agricultural practices we reduce the risks in agricultural production. EurepGAP provides the tools to objectively verify best practice in a systematic and consistent way throughout the world. We achieve this through the protocol and compliance criteria. EurepGAP's scope is concerned with practices on the farm, once the product leaves the farm they come under the control of other Codes of Conduct and certification schemes relevant to food packing and processing. That way the whole chain is assured right through to the final consumer. 

Another key goal is to provide a forum for continuous improvement. The technical and standards committees, consisting of producer and retail members, has a formal agenda to review emerging issues and carry-out risk assessments. This is a rigorous process, following the principles of HACCP, and involves experts in their field leading to revised versions of the protocol.


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