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Conditions for Membership:

A. All citizens 18 years of age or older who are of Jordanian Nationality and enjoy their full civil rights, and are of good moral character and behavior may join the Association as working members provided they meet the following conditions:

1. That he works in producing or exporting, preparing or packing agricultural products and its needs.

2. That he has a legally registered business with the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the registration specifically gives permission to produce or export or transport or prepare or pack agricultural products or trade with agricultural equipment.

B. Applications for membership in the Association are presented on the form prepared for that purpose by the Board of Directors, which may accept or refuse the application. The application must be accompanied by a deposit of JOD 50, which will be refunded if the application is refused or will be credited toward the permanent membership fee if accepted, the applicant is entitled to refer his application to the General Assembly during its next regular meeting and its decision will be binding.

C. The applicant is considered a member after the approved of the General Assembly and after paying the permanent registration fees.

D. The board of Directors may accept honorary members and visiting and affiliated members in the Association for the period and on the basis that it sees fit, provided that these members shall not vote in Association elections and shall not run for elections to an administrative position in the Association.

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